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From the Ground Up Workbook
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From the Ground Up Workbook

The perfect companion to From the Ground Up, the From the Ground Up Workbook accurately reflects its status as a significant value-added partner to its source reference namesake. Each chapter of this publication refers to a specific section of From the Ground Up and provides students with challenging questions, and an excellent means, to test their knowledge and consolidate their understanding of the material covered in From the Ground Up itself.


The From the Ground Up Workbook is a highly recommended study tool for students reading From The Ground Up. It is perennially the nation’s best-selling study guide, alongside the textbook from which it draws its name, at flying schools from coast-to-coast.

Authors: Chris Hobbs, Eileen Carter

Flight Test Notes

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Flight Test Notes

Written for the benefit of all students preparing for their Transport Canada flight test, Flight Test Notes takes licence candidates step-by-step through every exercise on which they’ll be tested. Its purpose is, thus, to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for the experience of the flight test examination.


In Flight Test Notes, every exercise from Transport Canada’s Flight Test Guides is analyzed in detail with the objective of providing students with a very clear understanding of what examiners expect of them during their test. Ultimately, its aim is to maximize student performance, thereby assisting students towards achieving the highest grade possible at the conclusion of the testing process. 

Author: Andrew Fasan

Contributors: Lenora Crane, Miles Crane, Gladys Bowditch

Can Private Pilot Answer Guie

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PrivatePilot 8th cover 2022 v3 (Front).png

Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide

Intended for all individuals preparing to write the examination for their Canadian Private Pilot Licence, use of this latest edition of this well-established question and answer book is an excellent way for students to study and review essential subject matter that must be known in advance of their written examination.

The latest Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide contains significantly expanded content and a multitude of new questions in addition to challenging, upgraded and revised, navigation exercises. Detailed explanations are provided for all answers to questions, making the learning of theory and content more thorough than ever before.

Author: Chris Hobbs

Can Commerical Pilot Answer Guide
CommPilot 8th cover (Front)-1.jpg

Canadian Commercial Pilot Answer Guide

Intended for all individuals preparing to write the examination for their Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), this latest edition of this popular study guide remains the nation’s most trusted and effective means by which to review essential subject matter in advance of one’s writing of the Transport Canada CPL examination.


To consolidate your understanding of commercial operations, references are provided to the CPL textbook, Flying Beyond: The Canadian Commercial Pilot Textbook, as well as to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and to the Aeronautical Information Manual. As always, From the Ground Up serves as your baseline from which the added knowledge requirements for CPL studies are based. All of these important resources provide readers with information critical to their overall understanding of CPL standards.

Author: Chris Hobbs

Can Instrument Pilot Answer Guide
Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide - Cover (Front) 2018.png

Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide

For pilots seeking their Instrument Rating in Canada, Aviation Publishers Co Limited is pleased to offer the Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide. Written for IFR exam preparation, the unique format that characterizes our popular PPL and CPL exam prep material also forms the backbone of this new IFR study guide.


The Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide has been written from scratch. It is the first release of this title since it last appeared, as a 1st Edition, in the 1990s. As with its PPL and CPL study guide siblings, the Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide combines advanced and challenging questions with detailed explanations for each and every question and answer that make up its content. IFR students can, thus, benefit enormously from this enhanced format leading up to their written IFR exam.

Author: Chris Hobbs

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