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About Us

Who We Are...

Founded in 1967, Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. was established to carry-on the publishing of the widely respected and highly acclaimed ground school aeronautical textbook, From the Ground Up. As custodians of this iconic title, we’ve diligently applied ourselves to respecting and maintaining the excellence created in this work by “Sandy” A.F. MacDonald whose original authorship of the title established it as a ground-breaking textbook, and flight school reference manual, without equal.


In its first edition of 1941, From the Ground Up contained less than 140 pages. A reflection of the vast evolution that has occurred in flight training over the decades, From the Ground Up — now in print for over 80 years — currently contains 370 pages, setting itself apart as one of the most thoroughly detailed books of its kind in the world.


To keep up with the ever-changing nature of worldwide aeronautical technologies, practices and regulations, Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. seeks to stay at the forefront of the aviation industry. To this end, the editors and contributors to our company’s portfolio of publications maintain very close ties to the aviation industry, as well as to the multifaceted developments that will have bearing on the industry’s future. As publisher, we also keep current on the latest trends both in the publishing industry and in research related to improved learning and enhanced instructional techniques.


A profound devotion exists within us to provide the best and most up-to-date material for the individual seeking to form a solid knowledge base in the theory and practice of aircraft operations. Keeping ourselves immersed in all things aviation, keeps our readers at the forefront in their knowledge gained by their reading of our material. We seek to deliver the best, so that students using our material can always be considered the best at what they do.


For all who accept the challenge to earn their wings, Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. will remain steadfast in its resolve to lead by example in its provision of challenging, thorough and accurate material that best prepares aspiring men and women for their futures as recreational and professional pilots.


Continuing The Legacy

Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. is proud and honoured to continue its long-standing tradition of providing tens-of-thousands of students each year with award-winning publications that form the cornerstone of aeronautical training courses that take place from coast-to-coast across the continent and around the world.


As textbook material for students working towards their pilot licences, or as reference material for the flight libraries of experienced professionals, the publications of Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. are designed to serve the needs of all those seeking to expand their knowledge of aeronautical concepts.

In operation for over 50 years, Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. recognizes the input and support an entire nation of flying enthusiasts has provided towards the prosperity and perpetuation of its most popular title, From the Ground Up. In no small way has the active enthusiasm and discerning nature of the Canadian flying industry made this title one of the most recognized and respected in aeronautical training worldwide.


Aviation Publishers Co. Ltd. is grateful for the continuing, nation-wide support of aviation supply shops, bookstores, flying clubs and ground schools, flight instructors, academic flight colleges, universities, and government officials across the continent that are regular, loyal and long-time users and contributors to our publications.


For more information about our publications, browse our website or contact any one of our valued distributors who would be pleased to assist you with your questions and requirements.

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